Sunday, February 17, 2008

A February Beginning

As the second semester of my full time teaching at LU has begun, I am jumping into the blog world with my students. Because we all are learners, I require myself to record my personal and professional journeys especially with regard to learning with educational technologies.

I am about to read my graduate students' first blog postings this afternoon, and I confess that I set today as my deadline to begin my own blog. My friend Miguel will tease me about the first writing, but I know he will praise as well.

With Web 2.0 tools, students and teachers are encouraged to be producers as well as consumers of content. My contribution today borrowed from Miguel recently on the TECSIG listserv is an article from EDUCAUSE Review, vol.43, no. 1 (January/February 2008): 16-32.

Minds on Fire: Open Education, The Long Tail and Learning 2.0 article here:

I have read the article twice now. It definitely gives ideas and examples for Learning 2.0. In what ways are we changing how we learn ? In what ways are we changing the way we teach? How do we know our direction is the best path? What is our research telling us? Are our students learning what they need to know for their future?

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